Combs couple balance married life, each other

February 12, 2018

Will and Sarah Combs can probably be found hanging out at their cute and cozy home, playing with their puppy Rugar or laughing over a couple Spongebob Squarepants references.

Will and Sarah first met at Tri Chi’s annual Crush Dance.

“I tried to get one of Sarah’s friends to set us up on a date…I wanted to go on a date with her, but didn’t know how,” Will said.

However, after meeting on the dance floor, Will and Sarah were inseparable.

“We ended up just hanging out for the two weeks after that and started dating within a month after meeting at Crush Dance,” Will said.

These newlyweds have been married for a month and believe one of the hardest things about marriage so far is organization.  The process of figuring out how to combine all of their possessions has been an unexpected challenge.

“We moved in together and so all of our stuff is everywhere and we need to figure out how to make all of our stuff fit together in a shared space,” Sarah said.

They still feel that being married is easier than having a roommate, though.

“The easiest thing is living together, because it just feels super natural…It feels like you are living with yourself almost. You are a team, so you are working on all of your stuff together,” Will said.


Will and Sarah are keen on saving money and budgeting. However, they understand the importance of spending intentional time together. So, you may see them at Chili’s from time to time.

“Will works part-time so we make sure to go out to eat at least once a week. We budget for that so that we can have a date night,” Sarah said.

“We go to Chili’s, that’s like our restaurant…we actually ate their twice in one weekend one time,” Will said.

It is always fun to hear a couple’s favorite things about each other and Will and Sarah’s most admired attributes fit perfectly together.

“My favorite thing about Will is that he is always positive…which I think is good for me,” Sarah said.

The couple perfectly balance each other.

“Sarah being adamant about being organized and determined, she’s very persistent when it comes to a lot of things…That’s good for me, because she will tell me I really need to finish a task,” Will said.

At the end of the day this couples realizes the importance of having each other.

“Each thing that comes up, you are tackling it together and that is my favorite part about it,” Will said.

By Addie Matthews, staff writer

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