Hendersons take on marriage at Ouachita

February 8, 2018

As the month of February quickly approaches the love in the air thickens. The Arkadelphia Walmart shelves have been jam packed with heart shaped chocolates and over stuffed, life size teddy bears since the beginning of January.   Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. If you are anything like me Valentine’s is a day that reminds you of how perpetually single you are when you receive a gift from your most loyal Valentine, your mom. However, for some on Ouachita’s campus this Valentine’s season will be extra special.

Andy and Kenzie Henderson were just married over Christmas break and are about to experience their first Valentine’s as newlyweds. Andy and Kenzie met in a good ole’ fashioned Ouachita way: open dorm in Francis Crawford. Walking into her freshman dorm Kenzie immediately noticed Andy’s tattoos, but at the time “he wasn’t looking for a relationship.” If you know Andy you know he is a gifted photographer, so of course he used those skills as an excuse to spend some one on one time with Kenzie.

“He asked to take photos of me, so we spent like four hours driving around talking and taking photos,” Kenzie said. It was at this moment that Andy began to really fall for Kenzie and the rest is history.

Andy and Kenzie have been married for almost a month and are starting to get in the swing of things. Kenzie believes that one of the hardest things about being a newlywed is finances.

“Now we are paying for everything on our own, so its different from when we were just engaged or dating. All the responsibility for paying for everything is on us,” Andy said.

However, when asked what the easiest thing about being a newlywed was their answer was simply, time.

“We don’t have to set aside time to hangout cause we are always together, we have more time now for other people,” Kenzie said. They desire to have their apartment feel like a place where people can come and feel comfortable relaxing with them and friends.

Marriage takes a lot of nurturing and intentional growth. Kenzie and Andy know how important it is to have a growing marriage. They have already created their own tradition of waking up at 7a.m. every morning to spend some quality time in scripture and with The Lord.

“We have our own quiet times together, but separate. It’s nice because we are together, but we are growing in our own relationships with Christ,” Andy said.

They explained that it helps them to love each other better. It works as a form of accountability as well. In marriage you are a team. It is important to know your teammate and appreciate them.


Kenzie’s favorite thing about Andy is how naturally patient he is.

“I can just really push people’s buttons and he just never reacts mean or snarky. He’s abnormally patient,” Kenzie said.

However, Andy’s favorite thing about Kenzie is that she loves other people so well.

“The people she chooses to be friends with and spend time with, she makes it a point to make them feel like they are included and loved. She goes out of her way to do that a lot,” Andy said.

This eccentric and talented couple truly balance each other each other out. It is evident that they not only love each other, but they love each other well. Kenzie and Andy bless others with their marriage. They are a great example of a Christ focused marriage to everyone at OBU.

By Addie Matthews, staff writer

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