Thanksgiving: More than three days off is needed

November 20, 2018

Back in elementary school, we used to get the whole week off for Thanksgiving. However, now that we are in college, Thanksgiving only lasts three days.

One of the reasons why we should have a whole week off is that it gives us more time to spend with our families. That also means there is more time for us to rest and recuperate from midterms and traveling back home for the holidays.

Some families have traditions that take place the entire week. With us being in school, the Monday and Tuesday before, some people might be missing out on some of their favorite and meaningful traditions. If the break was longer, they would not miss their traditions and would be able to partake in them.

A lot of students here live more than an hour away or even another country away. It would save them some time to relax and be able to make it home before Thanksgiving if the break was longer.  If the break was a week long, whenever they head home, it would not feel like they are driving or flying the entire time because they would actually have time to relax. Extending the break might make the trip back home more worth it to go for those of us that live far away.

It gives the professors more time to put in grades because at this point in the year, they are scrambling to put grades in. With the break being longer, professors actually get some time to relax. They also would get the benefit of spending more time with their family. If the break was longer, it might give them more time to prepare the meals for the holiday and go see family members that they do not get to see often.

It gives the students time to prepare for school mentally and emotionally since finals are coming up. We would all have more time to focus on our finals and final papers that come up right after Thanksgiving. Most papers are due the next week to week and a half after Thanksgiving break. It is one of the busiest crunch times of the year since professors are trying to get the last grades in.

Most people skip their Monday and Tuesday classes anyways, so that they can go home earlier to spend more time with their family. The Monday and Tuesday before just feel useless because not a lot of work gets done in the classroom, and the many of the professors do not put much initiative into coming to class those days. It is usually just a lecture or presentation day.

Some people only see their families on Thanksgiving. If the break was longer, they would get more time with them and get to catch up on the details of their lives. They would be able to be a part of all the family photos.

If the break was extended the whole week, everyone would be thankful and grateful because of the opportunities that they would get to do if that were to happen. It would put every student and professor in a thankful mood for Thanksgiving. Overall, it would provide both students and staff with more quality time with others.

By Jamie Cox, staff writer

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