Five tips to survive rest of semester

November 5, 2018

We’re finally in the midst of fall. With Tiger Tunes and midterms in our rearview mirror and finals quickly approaching, everyone seems to be exhausted. Here are five tips to make it through the rest of the semester without ruining all of your hard work thus far.

  1.     Identify changes that need to be made

Once you identify why your grades have not been where you want them to be or why you can’t find the time to do the things you need to do, it is easier to develop a solution to the problem. For example, if you spend a lot of time on your phone browsing through social media then try putting your phone away when you feel tempted to browse and use that time to do something more productive.


  1.     Set goals

What are you hoping to achieve? When setting goals, make sure to be realistic. However, confidence is key. Don’t underestimate yourself. If you believe you can achieve a goal, then go for it. If you never try, you will never know. Once you have thought of your goals, write them down and stick them on the mirror or on your door – somewhere you will look at every day to remind yourself of what you must achieve.


  1.     Start making lists

This tip is crucial to staying on top of things if you’re wanting to make some changes to your daily routine and achieve your goals. Lists help you map out what you need to do and when. This will help your productivity. Also, checking things off your list is an excellent feeling and might help you stay motivated to achieve your goals.


  1.     Avoid procrastination

This tip typically goes without saying since procrastination tends to have a negative connotation anyways. Procrastinating can cause a lot of stress and frequently ends in less spectacular results than you would have if you did not procrastinate.


  1.     Don’t do it alone

OBU offers so many helpful and FREE resources to ensure you are given every opportunity to succeed. Take advantage of the tutoring sessions, study sessions and office hours. Seek out help from others when going at it alone doesn’t seem to be cutting it. Reach out to your friends who have taken your classes before or who seem to have good time management and ask them what their secret is.

By McKenna Stephens, staff writer

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