Tiger Traks; Arkansas’ Most Exciting College Weekend

April 14, 2023

By: Kyndall Fomby-Bell, Staff Writer

April 12, 2023

Tiger Traks is an annual tradition that has been around Ouachita since 1975. It is hosted by OSF(Ouachita Student Foundation), an organization at Ouachita that raises scholarship money for juniors and seniors. Junior Joey Whisenhunt, OSF Special Events Chair, talks about why Traks is important to Ouachita. “Traks is one of many events put on by the Ouachita Student Foundation to support the mission of Students Helping Students,” Whisenhunt said. The students at Ouachita who participate in this exciting weekend each year not only help their peers but get to partake in the many fun games Traks has to offer.

Tiger Trak’s thrilling weekend will host nine games for players to participate in. Whisenhunt gives a run down on what new events Tiger Traks will involve. “New games this year are water toss and tiger feast,” Whisenhunt said. “Water toss is a common team building game where players are blindfolded and pass water from one bucket to another, and whoever spills the least wins. Tiger Feast is a life-sized version of the common board game “Hungry Hippos’ ‘. Players will also participate in the classic games: ooze ball (mud volleyball), tug of war in the mud, a large slip n’ slide, tube turbo, tiger trek (scavenger hunt), dodgeball, and trikes races”. 

Senior Caroline Derby, OSF Special Events Chair, explains why Traks is considered Arkansas’ most exciting college weekend. “This weekend is filled with games, fun, and community,” Derby said. “It’s exciting because we provide a competitive yet fun environment for participants. The games are interactive and even silly; therefore, participants get to tap into a funny side of themselves as well. The prizes for the winners are great, and we are so excited for those to be revealed.”

Tiger Traks will take place on April 15. It cost $15 to sign up, which will include a t-shirt. People participating are encouraged to wear athletic attire that they are comfortable getting wet and muddy, along with tennis shoes or water sandals.  Tiger Traks is an enjoyable event that allows students to take a step back from the last few weeks of the semester and have fun. Whisenhunt sums up Tiger Trak’s excitement, “People return year after year to compete in the events and everyone always has a great time,” Whisenhunt said. “Find someone who has competed in Traks previously and they will tell you how much fun they had. Traks is a great way for students to have fun with each other in a semi-competitive environment all while raising money for student scholarships.”

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