TWIRPing on your own

With the start of a new school year comes the tradition of TWIRP (The Woman Is Required to Pay) week. When it comes to TWIRP, my advice is:

  1. If you want to go with someone, just ask.
  2. Going to TWIRP alone is fine and can be lots of fun.

With TWIRP upon us, it seems like people are scrambling to find dates for these events. I was trying to remember who I went with last year and realized I did TWIRP alone, and to be quite honest, it was awesome. A few of the nights I went with a group of friends, but when we arrived, we split up and would do our own thing. I enjoyed going to some of the nights on my own.

I could leave when I wanted to, it was cheaper, and I met a lot of new people I would later call friends. This was one of the first times I had that opportunity to meet many upperclassmen during the first semester.

Because I went by myself, I wasn’t worried about the awkwardness that might arise from dancing or playing games with someone I didn’t know that well. I also didn’t have to worry if my date was having fun; I just showed up and had fun myself.

We tend to put pressure on ourselves to make sure we have a date to every night and think it’s not okay to just go alone. If you have someone you want to go with or are friends with that is fun, by all means, do it and have a blast. But do not let not having a date keep you from having a good time. I know I felt a little uncomfortable going to these events by myself, but when I got there, they were really enjoyable.

I met one of my closest friends at Barn Bash last year. I was sitting by myself, and he and his friends came up to me, and we talked for the rest of the time we were there. I don’t know when or if I would’ve met him if I had been hanging out with my date and swing dancing.

Let’s get past TWIRP week for a second and talk about relationships in general. I have been single since I got to Ouachita and had loved it so much. I’ve been able to have so many amazing experiences that I may not have had if I was in a relationship. I have been able to grow so many friendships in the past year that I don’t know if I could’ve juggled both amazing friendships and a fantastic relationship.

Do not be ashamed to go to anything alone; embrace it! I loved going to TWRIP alone last year so much that I will be going to all the events as a single this year, too.

By Phoebe Huff, staff writer

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