Ouachita men participate in rush week, clubs grow

Two weeks ago, the men of Ouachita participated in the 81st annual men’s Rush Week on campus.

After the events of the week, the men on campus are excited about the new members being inducted into their clubs.

Many people know that for women, Rush Week is very scheduled, but the men on campus like to sit back and have a more relaxed feel with it. Each club hosts four parties over the week for those participating in rush to attend. They want their parties to be about getting to know the guys and sharing about their club.

The President of Eta Alpha Omega, Will Hanna, a senior biology major from Russellville, said rush was a lot of fun this year, and they really enjoyed getting to meet so many guys.

“They [new members] seem like a really good group of guys that are very excited to be in ETA, which is the main thing. If you are passionate about something, you’re going to do a good job… And I think that whatever character qualities they have, that’ll bring those to the forefront,” Hanna said.

The men of ETA welcomed 20 new members into their club this week.

The men of Rho Sigma welcomed a pledge class of eight men this week.

“Overall rush week was a blast! It is always different, and it is always a little stressful. But at the end of every night I was with my brothers and it’s always a rowdy time,” said Rho Sigma President Tavarus McIntosh, a senior kinesiology major from Bessemer, Ala.

The men of Rho Sigma had themes for three of their four parties. They had red and white night, western night and steak and cigar night.

The men of Kappa Chi also had a fun Rush Week, according to President Matthew Collier, a senior business major from Southlake, Texas.

“It’s always a great opportunity to get to meet and know a bunch of guys in a quick week. It is a little stressful because we are determining the future of the club, but it is always a good time,” Collier said.

The men of Kappa Chi were excited to welcome 19 men into their club.

“What I’ve noticed about this new PC is that they are very bright and each one of them are leaders. They are a group that I am looking forward to growing as men, brothers and as members of Kappa Chi,” Collier said.

Finally, the men of Beta Beta were excited to have 14 men accept bids last Saturday.

Hayden Thornton, a senior mathematics major from Bismarck, Ark. and the president of BETA, said that the seniors are very excited to be leaving the club to three strong pledge classes after them. They feel confident in the future of the club.

BETA also had a few themed rush parties, including a smoothie night during which the Tiger Den was decorated with bamboo, and a barn party, which is held in an actual barn.

“My favorite night is the barn party because it is the night before Bid Day, and we really start to talk to them about what being a BETA is all about,” Thornton said.

The social clubs of Ouachita are involved in many different aspects of campus life, including service projects, Tiger Tunes, intramurals and supporting the Tigers at sporting events.


–  By Katie Jo Henley, staff writer

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