Ouachita students host third worship night called Worthy

October 24, 2018

Students from across campus will gather at Epoch Church in Little Rock this Friday night, Oct. 26, for a night of fellowship and worship at an event called Worthy.

Worthy is a worship night orchestrated by a group of students at Ouachita. It was created to be a night for students to be encouraged spiritually and focus on being rooted in Christ. Although it is put together by students from OBU, college-aged students from any university in Arkansas are invited to come grab a cup of coffee and worship.

“It basically all started about a month and a half before the first Worthy, where God placed a burden in our hearts to have a night of praise and prayer that spanned the state in order to unite college aged students under one banner. Through lots of prayer the Lord provided for all of our needs, and continues to do so, and has paved the way for Worthy to be a thriving ministry. People from all over have heard of it and it continues to grow all for the glory of one name, Jesus Christ, because He is worthy,” said Landon Salman, a junior music major with minors in Christian studies and mass communications from Little Rock, who has been involved with Worthy from the beginning.

This is the third annual Worthy night to take place, and according to those involved it will not be the last. Each worship night has brought in more students who are eager to fellowship with other Christ followers, and the number of students attending this year is expected to grow even further.

“The purpose of Worthy is to unite students together to proclaim that Jesus is worthy to be praised for who He is and what He has done,” Salman said.

This year the leaders of Worthy have decided to focus on how God satisfies all our needs spiritually and physically. The leaders want to encourage everyone to know that God will always be “more than enough.”

“We believe that Jesus is worthy of all that we are simply because of who He is,” said Robert Pilcher, a junior music and Spanish major from Little Rock, who has also been involved with Worthy since the beginning.

As college students, life can get stressful and busy with clubs, schoolwork, jobs and other extra-curricular activities. It can be so easy to get caught up with all that is going on rather than focussing on Jesus. Worthy is a way to get-off campus for a few hours, take a moment to breathe and remember what is most important. This worship night provides an opportune time to refocus on the truth in God’s word. It also allows students to make connections with others who are also seeking Christ. This is a time of encouragement and nourishment for those who are hungry for the Lord.

If you’re a student who needs encouragement, feels spiritually malnourished, or is just in need to be reminded of how God is “more than enough,” come out to Epoch Church on Friday, Oct. 26. Coffee will be provided at 7 p.m., and worship will begin at 8 p.m.

“We ask that anyone who is willing to sacrifice one of their nights, come and expect to encounter God in a new way that will leave you changed,” Pilcher said. “Join me and hundreds of others in proclaiming that Jesus is Worthy.”

By Grace Avery, staff writer 

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