Race with purpose: Fund Run raises money for student scholarships

By Emilee Webb, Staff Writer

April 15, 2022

The first annual Fund Run presented by the Ouachita Student Foundation (OSF) was held Tuesday, April 5th at 6:45 p.m. The run was followed by a “Finish Line Party” on Cone Bottoms Lawn at 7:15 p.m. The Fund Run was held as part of Tiger For Life Week at Ouachita, which is a week dedicated to fostering gratitude for the donors that help make life at Ouachita possible. The week was hosted by OSF, and there were many events that both students and faculty could participate in. The Fund Run was one of the main events, drawing a large crowd of runners and volunteers, all working to raise money for student scholarships. 

Students celebrate at the finish line. (photo by Caroline Massey)

Student scholarships were on the minds of all of the people who worked to make the Fund Run possible. OSF’s mission statement is “Students Helping Students,” and all of the money raised by the foundation goes directly back to students in the form of scholarships. The Fund Run was no exception to this. Jade Dorman, junior and Philanthropy Chair for OSF, explains the idea behind the Fund Run and the ways it will make a difference for Ouachita students. 

“The Fund Run is an event OSF has been waiting to put on for three years now. The Fund Run was created as a fun way to raise money for student scholarships, through sponsorships and race fees. Students can play a role in keeping their friends on campus, just by signing up to run or walk a 5K,” Dorman said. “We wanted the event to be friendly to people of all skill levels and all ages: college students, faculty members, and even kids from the community! We had experienced runners make personal best times and groups of friends walk together in their first ever 5K. The excitement and pride in accomplishment was contagious; I was giddy just watching people cross the finish line”

The Fund Run drew a crowd of all ages and skill levels. The atmosphere at the event was welcoming and lively, as those who participated knew that they would not only have a great night, but would also be giving back to the Ouachita community in the process. 

Sophomore Emily Greenwell participated in the Fund Run. She recalls that it was a great feeling to be able to give back while having fun. 

“I did the Fund Run because I think that running is a fun way to give back to my friends and peers,” Greenwell said. “Plus, I knew it was something I could do with my classmates. The best part was sprinting through the finish with my friend, Kennedy Johnson.” 

After the run, participants and volunteers were able to enjoy the “Finish Line Party” with snacks, live music and even a photo booth. It was the perfect ending to the night, and it allowed everyone to reflect on one of the reasons Ouachita is so great: the community of people that make it.

Groups of friends participate in the race together. (photo by Hannah Adamson)

“The party afterwards consisted of live music from some talented Ouachita students, snacks, and a lot of tired but happy runners,” Dorman said. “The race really was a picture of the culture of Ouachita: community, enjoying the outdoors, and celebrating students’ talents and achievements. I hope that Tiger for Life Week and the Fund Run can become a cherished part of OSF’s presence on campus. I think everyone can get distracted by busyness sometimes and forget who and why they serve. A time to reflect with gratitude on the Lord’s provision and those whose generosity He uses to fulfill His purposes is a powerful way to reset our focus. I hope that this week is a way for students to remember to be thankful and, overflowing from that gratitude, to become involved in new ways to serve on campus and in Arkadelphia.”

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